What software do we use?

At the Billtom Bro offices we tend to use free but effective software as it doesn't cost us money and most software we use is actually better than some paid software. Free Domain
GIMP is a free image editor almost as good as Photoshop. This software is free!

Free Domain
Gamemaker is our prefered game engine. Being quick, easy and simple to learn, Gamemaker is a perfect choice for people starting out and experienced game designers. Fortunatly they do allow people to download a free version on there website.

Free Domain
Blender is a 3d moddeling software which is an all round piece of kit. It also has a built in game engine but we just use it for moddeling. This software is free!

Free Domain
FamiTracker is a SNES Chiptune music creator. All our music is made on this software. This software is free!


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